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Using v6 box in another house

I've just moved into another property and had the ultimate oomph bundle installed but the boxes havent been switched on yet, all the cabling is in place for going behind walls. I've now got the decorators in, they'll be in for about a week. I'm going to be living at my parent's place for the week. My question is, can I bring one of my boxes up to my parent's house to use it for that week? They have VM already. Could I just swap out the boxes and use mine for the seven days and then put theirs back in when I go back to my own place? We're in the same area for VM services.

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Re: Using v6 box in another house

Nope. The V6 box can only be used with a Virgin Hub that is on the same account. If you attach it to one on a different account it will not boot. It is also against your terms &conditions to use equipment at a different address to which it is registered.

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Re: Using v6 box in another house

while not perfect solution have you thought of using Virgin tv go. if you have a  mobile you could watch it that way, or via laptop. You could then connect to a tv via an HDMI cable. Just a thought