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Series Link not working

My wife is an avid fan of Tipping Point, but is not always around to watch it live.  We have a series link:

Include Recordings and streaming videos
Start from Series 1
Record New and reruns
Channel All
Get in HD If possible
Keep at most 25 recordings
Keep until Space needed
Start recording 1 minute early
Stop recording 4 minutes longer

There are only 17 recordings, and we are only using 54% of the disc space, but it will only record the show if she sets it to record the individual episode.
Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be please


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Series Link not working

1: You may have 25 recordings already, and the "keep at most" flag is triggering. Or the box is setting sufficient recordings for you to max at 25. Either existing recordings and/or changing the flag to "keep unlimited" (I'm doing this from memory, the wording may differ) should solve that.

2: Further episodes to the 17 scheduled are duplicates of 8 I assume you already have recorded. You can change the "Record" field to "everything" if you want to record *every* showing.

3: Further episodes are recording clashes, so either 3 (if you have TiVo) or 6 (if you have V6) other higher-priority recordings are already set.

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