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Replacement box v6

Hello I received my replacement v6 box yesterday and installed following the booklet.

the problems are when first turning on the v6 box there is a orange light it goes out and the box takes a long time to boot up. when it dose there is no white light or any light on the front of the v6box. next after pairing the remote up to the box when I go to choose a channel it jumps 2,3,4,8 channels down/up and the sound comes and goes with one quick press of the remote button if I do this 5 to 6 times the v6 goes in to a reboot every time still no lights on the box. yet my other v6 had a constant white led on when the box was working. is the replacement a repaired box and has been sent out as a new box I thing it is. over 15 years I have been with Virgin media and I now ready to go looking for another company with a better service. Virgin media has turned in to a sad example of it former self.

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