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Partially Watched

Tuning in

Recently, some of the unwatched shows from our recordings have appeared in the Partially Watched section.
- also, occasionally, when we switch on the V6, it goes to a channel we had not been watching - can cause issues when it starts an Adult channel


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

After powering up from standby, the V6 will tune to the last channel being viewed in most cases.

All 6 tuners will revert to how they were when entering standby, unless the box has restarted in the interim when they will all tune to the "Coming soon" channel - 998 from memory.

Might be worth changing your V6's PIN incase someone's using it for those adult channels.

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Thanks Japitts.

Unless the dogs have worked out how to switch on the TV, there's no-one else with access.

I was the last person to watch TV & it definately wasn't babestation - I was watching Sky News.

The shows that appeared in the "Partially watched" happened at the same time.

We only have the one v6 box

Hi @Probman


Thanks for your post


As advised by the very helpful japitts - it would be worth changing the V6 pin to avoid any implications on that part. The V6 would tune to the last channel viewed usually.



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