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Green 'bars' on screen

I have a number of green bars near the bottom of my screen when using the V6 box. They look like someone has taken a green marker pen to the TV screen. They ALWAYS occur in the same places and and generally visible when the screen is showing a lighter background. One is bottom left and is vertical (about 10 cm's on a 54" QLED screen), one is bottom left and horizontal, more visible and about 5 cm's long, two others are near the bottom right of the screen. I've tested the screen separately, along with the sound system and they do NOT exihibit the problem when using other sources (e.g. use the built in TV apps for netflix, amazon etc and there are no marks, use the sound system for the ps4 and again no marks).

The usual nonsense of restarting, the v6 does not resolve the problem.

The marks appear whether recorded or live.

Any ideas?

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Re: Green 'bars' on screen

Have you tried using alternate HDMI cables/slots?

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