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Error codes

  • Hi ive been trying for months to get thru to customer services to report error codes on a bedroom box I hardly use. i get M63 saying ive not set up correctly and 7400 saying my account is unknown. I have a few channels but none of the virgin  ones. It also says it's not tuned when I go thru to the settings. Its not a new box I've had it years. Any help appreciated as I'm paying for a box ive not used since may
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Re: Error codes

Hi jmorris607,

You say you hardly use the bedroom box. It sounds like it's been de-activated (errror 7400), this usually happens if it hasn't been used for around 30 days.

You need to speak to sales in order to get your box and TV services reactivated.

Please call 150 from a VM landline, or 0345 454 1111 and choose options 1, 4 then 1.

Or you can send a  text to 0753 305 1809. This method can take a few days.


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