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Re: BT Sport 2 is glitch and sound goes

Hi mynrd,


I've had another look in the office today and have still been unable to replicate the issues you're experiencing. We've also not had any additional reports of the same problem, so it's unlikely to be a platform fault.


As previously mentioned, we would always recommend giving us a call on 151 / 03454541111 when a service fault arises, to allow us to complete diagnostics and work towards a resolution. As this hasn't been reported to our faults team and has not been identified as a wider issue, our technical support teams would be unaware that a resolution was required.


In taking a look at the backend of your account, your TV box is currently unreachable. This would usually indicate that it's off, which prevents us from running any checks. Could you please switch this on and let us know so we can take a look? If this doesn't suit you, please give us a call so we can address your concerns in a live space.




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