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2nd v6 box 20% wifi keeps crashing watching on-demand

I have 2 v6 boxes installed in my house (~4/5 weeks ago) and the v6 in the bed room (virtually above router downstairs) has only 20% (poor) wifi connection and I presume is why I cant watch a film on-demand without the little yellow up/down lights coming on, the film freezing, the v6 becoming totally unresponsive and requiring a full cold boot to fix...

No I'm not dumb, used to work with computers so I've tried..
rebooting router, v6's etc.. many times..
checking connections..
changed bedroom v6 box wifi connection to and from _2 and_5... 
just leaving it...
yes the router is in the open and not tucked away somewhere..
yes the v6 is in the open (top of chest of draws)..
... and nothing improves it at all !!??

Seems to be the v6/router just have crappy wifi.. My house is ~1960's and all solid walls.. and I think that the wifi is simply having problems penetrating the walls/floor.

😞 😞


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Re: 2nd v6 box 20% wifi keeps crashing watching on-demand

You have 3 options
1) Connect the V6's (permanently) to the Hub by Cat6 cable (best solution)
2) Improve your wifi signal at the location of the V6's (e.g. get a wireless access point)
3) Use a pair of Powerline adapters (if your house circuitry is suitable)


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