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Virgin TV 360 IR Control

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Recently had my V6 box 'upgraded' to TV 360. I won't get into the various complaints I have on the latest software, which definitely doesn't feel like an upgrade to the V6 box....

Instead, my question relates to control of the TV360 box. The new remote, as I understand it, connects to the box via bluetooth. I have a Smart IR blaster, which allows me to control various home products via my google home devices, and overnight, I appear to have lost the ability to control the Virgin box using this tool, after upgrading to TV 360.

Does anyone know if I can still control the TV360 box using IR as well as BT (I know the box is capable, as it's still the old V6 box with a software upgrade). Alternatively, does anyone know if Virgin are planning on allowing Google Assistant to control the box (again it can be controlled via the app, so this is definitely possible).

Look forward to your comments





Just an add on to this. If you are using IR blasters make sure they are sitting about 5 cm in front of your box. I’ve noticed, in my experience, if they sit too close the boxes don’t pick up the ir signal. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to help @GerryD1976. Hopefully this will help others with their set up. 

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Here to help 🙂
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Hello mates,

Could you share which Harmony Remote are you using to control the Virgin Media 360 device via IR?

Thank you so much in advance.

I have managed to get most harmony remotes working with it. The ones I’ve tried and been successful with are the 600, 900, elite, 525 and companion. 

I’ve also used a one for all remote without any issues. 

Just switched to VM from Sky.
Have a Logitech Harmony Ultimate with multiple blasters which operated all IR devices flawlessly.
VM DCX690 (360?) box installed and paired to Virgin BT remote.
Set up 360 box as Ziggo Mediabox Next in Devices and Activities and all "synced".
Not getting any control of any functions despite reading that it should work.
Is there an extra step I need to take?

For sky and other devices I would typically attach the ir blaster to the device or right in front of it. However for the virgin 360 boxes the blasters operate best a couple of inches in front. No idea why. Having them about 3 inches in front of the box fixed all my control issues. 

I have also added the device Arris DCX960 because this is what is on the label.

Still no response of any kind 🤔

Thanks for the reply. The 360 box is in the same cabinet as the Harmony Hub with its built in high power ir blaster. It is already about 6 inches away. I have tried moving it closer so will try to move it further away.
Surprised that can't get any response at all.
Thanks again as getting very frustrated.

Nope - no joy. Have confirmed blaster is sending, but 360 box not responding to anything other than the VM paired remote.