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Tv turns off with TV 360

Tuning in

Since I have had the TV 360 box installed. My LG CX will turn off to standby while watching tv. Anyone else have this issue? 


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Have you got 'one power' turned on? You can check in the settings (the cog icon in the top right), you'll find the option for it under 'system'.


This is turned off in the settings. Anything else I can try?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Emberone 

Have you checked the ECO mode settings on your LG TV? This lets you choose from a list of options as to whetehr the TV turns off at say 2,4,6 or 8 hour intervals, or stays On by selecting Auto power Off.

I'm not sure where it will be on your TV but try under Settings > General > Time > Timers.

Or try  OLED care > Device Self Care >  Energy saving options >  Auto power off and switch it to Off

On my LG TV  it's under Settings > All Settings > General > Additional Settings > Eco Mode and I switch it to off


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This was set to 2 hours. Normally before it turns off I will be notified the tv will be turning off and to stop it I must click ok on the pop up. This does not appear when the tv randomly switches off. I however have turned it off to see if this fixes it. Fingers crossed.