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TV 360 box connection options

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Hi, I currently have virgin broadband and phone. I’m now taking out a new package with virgin including a TV box. The virgin wall socket is next to the router which is on the opposite side of the room to the TV.

Is it possible to leave the router on the other side and connect the TV box wirelessly? What connections do I need for the box to work? Do I need another virgin wall socket near the TV?

Thanks in advance


Community elder

All boxes require 2 connections the coax cable for live TV and a internet connection for everything else, this can be either ethernet cable or wifi although ethernet cable is preferred.

If you have a manned installation you can discuss with the engineer the best way of installing the coax, you may be able to split it at the outside box and run it around external walls depending on your layout.


Alessandro Volta

Unless there's a good reason to keep the hub where it is the best option is to relocate it near the TV and and have the TV box nearby. (The tech will cut the cable and get cabling to the other side of the room, splitting it with one leg for the hub and the other for the box.) The box can then be easily connected to the hub with an Ethernet cable (better than WiFi) and the TV is connected to the box with an HDMI cable.

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