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Streaming devices maxed out

Tuning in

Good morning we have x2 v6 boxes both upgraded to 360, upstairs last night we tried to watch a recorded program only to keep getting message streaming devices maxed out and would not let us watch the recorded programs?


any answers please

thank you


Thank you Paul very poor considering this started over five weeks ago now!

And still waiting 

We do apologise for the inconvenience- appreciate it's not ideal!

As soon as there's any update we will let you know. 

Thank you

Forum Team

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As an update still not working, have spoken with a Virgin representative today, who had me on the phone trying everything he knew but still no difference apart from an extra error code when you try and press the pause button on live to cs2000 which has been added to the others

software engineer booked for Thursday evening so fingers crossed

Have to say a big thank you to the person I spoke with today as I got the impression he genuinely tried every trick in his book to help

but we will have to wait until Thursday for a further outcome 

Hey stuartbm, thank you for reaching out and letting us know this.

Please do keep us updated on how the tech visit goes. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Engineer due this afternoon after seven weeks of complaining of no service upstairs no contact apart from our phone calls trying to chase up

in two days I have had four text messages telling me if I am not in for the call I will be charged £25 

anyone know who in Virgin I send my bill to for paying £115 a month to with only half a service 

or claim for the payments to Amazon prime, Netflix, Disney for the seven week have not been able to access apps



Young engineer named Ben arrived, very polite and listened to what I said was not working 

checked with his diagnostic tools and straight away hard drive failure 

he went to his van put in a new box synced the remote and everything now working


Thanks for coming back to the thread, we're glad to hear everything was sorted via the engineer visit. 


Forum Team

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