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Sound switching between tv and soundbar automatically after 360 upgrade

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Hi everyone,  I have recently upgraded to 360 and I'm having a lot of issues with the sound constantly switching between my TV speakers and the soundbar, I've checked and changed all of the leads but it hasn't helped. I never experienced any sound issues whatsoever before the upgrade. Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks 


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Forum Team

Hi @Bigpoppapump,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm so sorry to hear you've been having some issues with the sound from the 360 TV box. Do you experience any issues when the soundbar isn't plugged in and being used?


Zach - Forum Team
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Hi Zach, thanks for the response, Yes I have tried disconnecting the soundbar and only playing sound through the TV speakers and there is no issue. It is only when the soundbar is on when I have this problem. Just to repeat myself,  I never experienced any issues with sound at any time until I upgraded to 360. Thanks 

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Sorry,  I'm new to this forum,  I think I have replied to my own question by mistake. My reply was meant for you

How is the TV and soundbar connected, are the TV and soundbar connected using the HDMI-ARC connectors and the 360 connected to a non HDMI-ARC connector on the TV ?


They all all connected using the HDMI-ARC connections, I have checked the connections on the back of my TV and they are only HDMI-ARC 

You might want to try turning off the "one power" option on the 360 and HDMI control on the TV off to see if that makes any difference, also a good idea to post the make and model of your TV and soundbar for a more informed answer.


OK thanks a lot for your help, I will try these when I get home in the morning. Also I will post the tv and soundbar details. Your help and advice is much appreciated 

If the 360 is connected to a HDMI-ARC connector on the TV some users have reported problems, this sounds like some HDMI issue if your soundbar has an HDMI-IN you could try connecting the 360 to that, hopefully it should get resolved so you can still have HDMI control on and use the "one power" so you can turn everything off and on with just the 360 remote.