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Sky Sports UHD anytime soon?

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  • It's now 3 years since the press statement claiming a deal has been struck with Sky for the provision of movies and sport in 4k uhd. Cinema 4k came in 2021 on virginmedia but when are we getting Sky Sport in 4k uhd?

My contract is up in September and a return to Sky is looking very tempting at the minute. 

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HDR content does look very nice and bright doesn't it. The fact you've just got an oled tv helps too. Oled has a stunning picture. I bought an LG oled c2 on black Friday, the difference between it and my older budget lg 4k TV is ridiculous!

It is great for us that can get the benefit from the HDR picture. For those who have a cheaper TV which doesn't do HDR so we'll I'd like to see an 8bit option for Sky Sports UHD. 

@HavencroftKev wrote:

Ironically my Samsung TV which was having issues with the dull Sky Sports UHD channels broke. So I purchased a new LG OLED48A26LA. And the difference is unbelievable, the UHD channels are absolutely stunning. In fact the Sky Sports UHD channels make BT Sport UHD look very ordinary. 

Most of the issues with the HLG picture both here, on the BBC's blog when introduced on the iPlayer, and on the Sky forums when they introduced it have been from Samsung users.

I've never worked out whether:

  1. this is specifically certain Samsung models; or
  2. there is a setting on Samsung TVs that isn't set by default that affects this; or
  3. Samsung TVs are the most popular brand, and so would naturally attract most complaints; or
  4. Samsung TVs are poor with HLG

Hopefully in time, with more content, this goes away. I have an LG and the improvement in picture is immediately noticeable.

A problem emerged when Samsung's 2016 4K TVs could not play BBC iPlayer's Blue Planet II which is in UHD and HLG even though the TVs supported HLG. The problem was that HLG support is insufficient as HLG streams use DVB-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and Samsung refused to fix this with a  firmware update.

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I can confirm it appears to be number 4 in your list.
Samsung TV's are poor with HLG.

I just received my bill for this month and I added Sky Sports UHD on the 3rd February 2023 for £7.00 a month and on my bill is a one off  £10.50 upgrade to package Sky Sports UHD charge I am query this charge with them has anybody else noticed this charge?.

This may be a pro rata charge as you upgraded between billing dayes . Bills are not very good at explaining what is actually happening , descriptions can be very confusing. Mine was !!
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Hi thanks yes it was its not very clear I thought it was a charge for doing it.


Hi @ROBCALLY, thanks for reaching out to us on the forums. 👋🏼

Pro-rata charges are for any charges made during a billing cycle for different services at a different rate, as we bill in advance, you'll be billed for the month ahead and any additional days used under the change.

I hope this clarifies.

Kind regards,

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Hi Ilyas

Please do what you can to inform the software developers that look after the operating system of the 360 box, to update the software to be able to have a setting that allows us to force an SDR colour palette.

What's happening right now is that playing Sky Sports Ultra HD on an SDR TV is feeding a HDR colour palette through, the colours look muted on an SDR TV. 

When I skip 30 seconds forward or 10 seconds backwards on Sky Sports UHD, for a brief second the colour palette shows as SDR, then when the footage resumes playing it goes back to HDR, which has a muted colour on an SDR TV.

Sky boxes have this option in their settings, it would be much appreciated for Virgin boxes to have it too.