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Sky Sports UHD anytime soon?

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  • It's now 3 years since the press statement claiming a deal has been struck with Sky for the provision of movies and sport in 4k uhd. Cinema 4k came in 2021 on virginmedia but when are we getting Sky Sport in 4k uhd?

My contract is up in September and a return to Sky is looking very tempting at the minute. 

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On our wavelength
Cheers, still trying to get through though!

On our wavelength

Any chance it will be HDR? LOL!!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

It's HLG and HDR

I don't work for Virgin Media.
I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge.
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Thanks newapollo

I've got it and yes HLG HDR, wonder why we don't get that with Sky Cinema?

Arnos keeps going on and off. Anyone else?

Yeah same with Atmos

I meant Atmos 😂

Went back to stereo here for 2 to 3 minutes about ten minutes into the game, fine apart from that.

To me the picture is very good, not compared directly, but the equal of Sky, and very much better than the Eurosport UHD tennis channel on Virgin Media last week.

I’m on top tv package and broadband, but so find it odd that I get Sky Cinema UHD but have to pay extra for Sky Sports UHD

It is a bit strange to not get it included if you're already a subscriber of entertainment and movies in uhd. 

I remember when I took out my package, I didn't have the movies in uhd so I asked if it should have been included as I was on the top package. They told me no and as it was new they couldn't add it on for me unless I paid extra. I didn't bother but a few weeks later I noticed I had it anyway with no word from Virgin or any increase to my bill. 

I'm half expecting (and hoping) sports uhd will be similar.

At the moment I pay 95 for 2x v6 boxes upgraded to 360 with sports and movies and the on demand uhd, 1gb broadband, phone line and unlimited 02 sim.

It amazes me how different the price seems to be for everyone here!