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Sky Sports UHD anytime soon?

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  • It's now 3 years since the press statement claiming a deal has been struck with Sky for the provision of movies and sport in 4k uhd. Cinema 4k came in 2021 on virginmedia but when are we getting Sky Sport in 4k uhd?

My contract is up in September and a return to Sky is looking very tempting at the minute. 

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The sound is definitely Atmos during the coverage. Switches to 5.1 during the ads. Picture looks similar to Shy HD on sky equipment. Sky UHD on sky Q looks better. 

Up to speed

Hi, I have Ultimate Volt, 1Gig, with Sky Entertainment UHD included, I don't pay extra for it, Netflix Standard, additional box, Sky Sports and Cinema HD, and for these I pay £60. Maybe its £7 for customers like me who don't pay extra for Sky Entertainment UHD and £4 for the ones who pay those £6. I'm still not sure who to trust to contact about adding Sky Sports UHD, online chat or call. And I started my new contract on the 28th of January as I moved home. I'm sure that in the future Sky Sports UHD will be included in the highest package as it was with Sky Entertainment UHD. 


Personally I think the picture looks fantastic and easily matches the picture I had with Sky Q previously. I’m also delighted we get Atmos as well.

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How typically Virgin 😁 we've all been waiting years for sports uhd, then all of a sudden with no word we notice it in the epg, thought I might have got it as part of the ultimate volt bundle as I already have sky and movies uhd.

Notice it doesn't let you upgrade via the box so come to these forums to see what other people have said only to see everyone being told different things and getting their packages messed up!

Hopefully they sort out upgrading from the box as I don't fancy waiting hours on live chat / phone and risking them messing up my currently discounted deal. It would be nice to get soon though, although I worry about PQ as the HD sports channels do not look good at all in my opinion. Good luck to everyone getting this sorted in the next few days! 

I just took the plunge and added it. Was done instantly, ultimate Volt now £67

If one thing has come out of this it's the massive variance in prices people pay for the same package. 

@oxfordmark Online chat or phone? At this hour I assume it was chat. 

What’s app chat.

This is the reason I'm not getting it offered for £4

"Yes, but with the bundle you have now is our old bundle in which Sky UHD was inclusive and the new Ultimate bundle does not have Sky cinema UHD included so it actually cost 6GBP extra and for Sky sports UHD and movies UHD it will cost you 10GBP so offered it for best price."

So their new Ultimate Bundle doesn't include stuff I already have I'm also not sure why that matters to me, I think Virgin need to look up the word Ultimate, The top package was supposed to be everything and you were a VIP and got the best price

I'm on the same package as IoanaNeacsu and oxfordmark (Ultimate Volt £60) but WhatsApp chat are telling me it's £10 to upgrade.