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Series Link disappeared

Tuning in


Been asked to put a post here about my problem with series links disappearing. 

Just come back from holiday to find some of my programmes from series links didn’t record. After looking at the planned recordings all but 5 series links have disappeared. 

I’ve reset what I can, but most of the programmes aren’t on at the moment and I can’t set a new series link and I’m not sure I remember all the programme I had set up. 

Can anyone help me recover the series link? 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Lyndon_and_Lee

Welcome to the community forums, great to see you posting. 

Unfortunately we are unable to recover series links, my apologies that they have disappeared. 

Can you confirm what channels the series link have lost have come from? 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent


Thanks for the reply. 

I think as others have reported before this is one massive let down for 360. I now have no idea what I had in the list and as the programmes aren’t currently on I can’t set them up again! 

The programmes were from multiple channels.  The ones that remained were BBC and other channels, channel 5, ITV. In the main most were not free view channels, although there were some Free view channels series links that disappeared too. 

Hi Lyndon_and_Lee, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this. 

We will certainly take on board your feedback and send this to the developers so it's something they can bare in mind for the future. 

As the links are missing now, there isn't anything we can do I'm afraid. Have you tried rebooting your box to see if they are hidden instead? 

Let us know. 


Forum Team

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Yes we were asked to try that. 

The whole series link piece needs some serious work!

I am sorry this did not work Lyndon_and_Lee, 

we can pass this on as feedback as we are always looking to improve.