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SECURITY FAILURE !! Netflix acct being accessed by someone else!! Can’t get virgin to do anything !!

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My Netflix account on virgin media is being illegally accessed and Netflix say it’s because an old v360 box I had has been given to someone else and virgin still have it linked to my account. Apparently there’s a facility called SSI that enables anyone with the box to bypass the sign on password so a password change doesn’t fix it. 
has anyone else seen this- I can’t get anyone at virgin to take any interest


Ps these people are becoming abusive so I need virgin to take action immediately, and to respond to my complaint properly, not just say sorry and close it down!

Thank you for your response @lawrenr58

In this case, to further look into this, I have sent a private message. Please look out for the purple envelope and provide a response when you can.


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Possibly something Virgin need to look into when faulty boxes are swapped that they are unlinked / deleted from Netflix account details.

Also seen this one on the V6 board,


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The OP would be quite within their right to raise this as a data breach. 

Thanks for the link  hertzlad!

this is exactly the issue I had but in my case the new user seems to have thought ‘great free Netflix!’ And changed all the account profiles to his family’s names and preferences. So it looks like a pervasive issue, as virgin don’t seem to have a procedure to automatically de authorise the boxes on removal from an account, so yes it is a data breach and it is probably systemic. 
The fact that the other user has realised something is up and is using the free text in the profile name to send somewhat abusive messages is a slightly dark development of the issue. 
Part of my disquiet was virgins response -which was essentially ‘oh dear, but that’s just one of those things!!’ 
good news is one of the virgin moderators seems to have taken an interest so I might get it fixed and maybe something done to stop it happening to someone else. 

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You’ve taken all the steps to remove your data. However, as the boxes are linked to your  Netflix account, the new user has access to your personal data such as your email address. 

Virgin’s handling of this is poor and they should be taking sufficient steps to unlink the box when it’s given to a new customer. 

It may be worth you contacting the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). 

Yes I agree virgins response is poor- I will give them today to resolve this and explain what they will do to fix the underlying process problem and if not I’ll complain to the ICO

They’ve had over a week to fix my issue and to respond to my formal complaint and so far all I have seen is a bland proforma response that can be summarised as ‘sorry this happened but it’s just one of those things, we are closing your complaint now as we consider it resolved!’- I guess it’s lucky the other user hasn’t started buying things on the account because I don’t think there is anything stopping them….

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Hi Roy247

thanks for your input- it indicates, as suspected, that this is a systemic issue rather than a one off incident. 
I guess my advice to any virgin media user out there would be - don’t let virgin take your old box away until they can assure us all this underlying problem is fixed!

The next user with this problem may find themselves paying for someone else’s movie on demand or dealing with the misuse of their email address, their kids names and ages, or some other item of personal data..

I upgraded my package recently and have received not the upgrade I requested but a Netflix subscription. It is signed into someone else's account.

This seems like quite a serious error. Waiting to chat to an agent now.

Thanks Michael 

It’s a credit to you that you are taking such an honest and responsible approach 

I’m sure there are people out there just keeping quiet and using free Netflix on someone else’s account, and others merrily buying movies and on demand services too

i wouldn’t have noticed the data breach if the other user hadn’t kept changing the account profiles

I have notified this to the virgin media Data protection office and the ICO and it seems to be getting some (a little!) attention. However I see very little urgency - vm seem perfectly relaxed quoting 5-7 days to fix a customer data breach and no interest at all in addressing the systemic problem 

in the meantime I would repeat my advice to VM customers