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Can't watch football on red button. Only started once I upgraded to 360 box.


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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

I've just checked and Sky Sports red button is working on Sky Sports Football (503)

On the 360 press the red button, then press the contextual button (3 dots)  to bring up the match selection menu

On the V6 and Tivo press the red button then press the "i" for info button to bring up the match selection menu

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I’m trying to get Sky Sports red button to work on Championship games tonight but it just loads then crashes out is there a workaround. It’s working on my tablet but need it on TV. 

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Trying to access red button matches on sky football. When pressed the access screen flashes on then off and goes to the channel info screen.


New one on me.

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Why is red button not working on sky sports football 

Same here….

Appears to be a recurring problem. Come on VM sort it out,

On our wavelength

Once again the red button on Sky Sports isn’t working, been trying various things for over 20 minutes & nothing!!

Really not impressed with how this constantly has problems!

Any luck at your end? Still nothing here.

Same here! Good job we have the good old "Steam age Radio" to fall back on isn't it? What a disgraceful shambles. Those on Sky are happily watching on their Red Button.

Been chatting to Toni Bot for 15 mins,  5 mins Chat , 10 mins waiting for an agent.

So Frustrating.

I’ve tweeted them but I wouldn’t hold your breath, the glitch is at their end and its been that way since the start of the year.