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New 360 remotes dont have finder?

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Hi all skimming the forums I see there is an issue with new 360 remotes not having the finder function on them. I lost a remote months ago and had to order a new one from virgin (after disputing the £10 fee they eventually waved) now my kids have lost a second one its going to start becoming an expensive habit, has anyone found a work around or fix for this. the best feature they had was remote finder. 


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Very Insightful Person

There is a way:*3inybl*_ga*MT....

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This is the broken way that doesn't work on the streaming remotes for whatever reason.

Does seem to be a problem with the 2 battery version of the 360 / Stream remote because it works with the original 4 battery version of the 360 remote so is nothing to do with the software as suggested in message 40 on this thread,