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Netflix app freezing while playing

Dialled in

Every movie or series I start to watch freezes about 3-5 minutes in screen goes blank then when picture comes back it’s frozen I have to click pause for count of 10 then click play it starts again and seems fine for rest of movie or series episode. Anyone know the cause of this or having the same problem?. Never did it on the V6 box. 


Tuning in

This issue is happening to me. Just moved to Virgin last week. New box, 350 broadband. 360 box connected directly to router as per setup guide. No other devices or apps have this issue. 13-15 seconds in to an episode or film and it stops. On some occasions, the tv source bar shows after a black screen flicker, so I wonder if for a brief moment it looses the TV connection and pauses due to this? Either way - I’ve worked in IT - so ‘turn it off and on again’, ‘check your connections’, ‘it’s probably your internet or network configuration’ etc have all been tried and tested. Honest. This is either an application issue with Netflix on the 360 box, or a hardware (firmware) issue with the brief disconnect, perhaps memory leak etc. either way, not something a user can solve - so over to Virgin to take a look see and push an update to fix the bug that doesn’t exist on so many devices..!

Hi DutyFish,

Thanks for using the forums to get this issue with your Netflix buffering on your 360 box looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration. I would be more than happy to look into this for you.

I have checked your services, specifically your TV box and can see some Tuner power levels are out of spec which may be causing the issue. Just to make sure we're covering the most simple of tasks before we move onto an engineer visit, could you check all the cables that are coming from the 360 please? Do a reboot on the box after checking and let me know once you've done this so I can check if there's been any improvement. 

Could I also ask how your 360 is connected to the Hub please? I have checked your Hub's upstream and downstream power levels and these have come back all in spec 🙂




This is a software issue, an engineer will not be able to resolve it. It's not buffering, please this is not a buffering issue. The program stops playing. Read all the many reports of this issue. It's nothing to do with cables, connections, tuner power levels. The issue is clearly a software problem as has been accepted earlier on in the thread.






Hey Grj373, thank you for reaching out.

This may be the case but we have found some issues with your 360 box will require a tech to come and fix and that by doing this it may fix the Netflix issues.

Either way both issues would get seen to.

Please let me know if this okay to do and we will get this resolved for you. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Update on my issue.

The pausing has now gone from every time to rarely. It’s been replaced by a brief blackout then the program continues on its own. **please do not read ‘blackout’ as ‘buffering’. When the internet drops and Netflix buffers there is a small rotating circle on the screen. This and previous issues are NOT buffering/internet issues**
As with the previous issue it’s on one box only.  It happens wired and on the wi-if. Box and router have been reset and status on the box reads ok. Netflix on the other two virgin boxes in the house and every other device we use if fine.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @Boothen888 

Please check your settings as below.

Settings > Audio & Video > Audio output has the following three options:-

Follow Content
PCM 5.1 (HDMI only)
PCM 2.0
Choose whether you want the audio output to follow the quality of the original content (Dolby Digital where available) or to be converted to PCM 2.0 (stereo) or PCM 5.1 (uncompressed multi channel sound). Using PCM settings may resolve audio sync issues. Netflix will always follow content.

Try setting it to Follow Content as that should prevent the brief black screen (it's the box recognising the difference in the frame rates and resolution)

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for the advise. Already tried all the above with the first issue. Doesn’t seem to be anything the user can influence. As with the freezing issue. I’ve tried everything suggested previously, matching frame rates, everything up to and including synching a remote from the other boxes (that work fine) with the box that has the issue.

Hey Boothen888, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some Netflix issues.

How is your connection overall do you have any problems like this?

I am also going to send you a PM so we can look into this in depth, please look out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Tuner power levels? Everything is working fine. The cables are tight and secure. The tv box connected via LAN cable and service as expected. I do not feel that an engineer visiting to see the problem firsthand will solve it. I imagine this to be the case with a replacement box also - I don’t think it’d solve it. Ultimately, we avoid using Netflix. That works.

Good Morning @DutyFish, thanks for your post, and sorry for any frustration this is causing you.

Do you possibly have any error codes that populate on the screen when the picture freezes?

Has there been any issues with other streaming applications or Catch Up services?

Kindest regards,