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IP Network Remote for TV360

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Previously with my V6 setup, I had an IP Network Remote which would connect to the TiVo and allow me to change channels, control the box remotely from anywhere in the house using my MacBook Pro

We have HDMI wired via Ethernet all round the house to all TVs and therefore took advantage of a Network Remote rather than using physical remote

Cant seem to find out how to activate this on TV 360. Can some explain how can get IP Network Remote functionality back



Super solver

I believe the IP control is one of the (many) features that is missing from the 360 compared to the TiVo\V6 unfortunately. You could possibly do something with an IR blaster that can connect over IP, but obviously that will require extra hardware and some setup.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi colloq,

Thanks for posting 🙂

I've double checked this and sadly this function isn't available for the 360 box as it uses different technology.


Any ideas on tech/software that could do this. Happily spend the cash to get a Virgin remote on my Laptop again that works.

Worst decision ever having the box upgraded. We now hate VM TV Services