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Filter Channel EPG for HD

Hello on the V6 I was able to quickly filter the EPG for HD channels by pressing the blue button.

Nown on the V6  I cannot find how to do this... pressing the menu button and apply filter only gives me genre filter which means I need to plough pages of identical and +1 programming.

Have I missed something obvious to filter out all the SD channels?

I found this old thread which suggests it's not possible.


But then here they say it is.



Thank you, 





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Virgin-TV-V6 Video-Output-Settings

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Re: Filter Channel EPG for HD

Hi Chris, 

Ernie's post is correct. you can set up a profile with all the HD channels in it. (Most of the SD channels have been removed anyway on the 360)

Sorry for the following, but I'm long winded 🤣

You can use Profiles on the 360 box to set up the EPG in a way that allows you to control exactly what you see listed for channels. The 'Shared' profile will always show all channels.

To set up favourites you have to create a profile or profiles. Each profile can set up their own set of favourite channels. Go via the settings menu, or press the profile button on the side of the remote control.

Select the profile (or the big + sign to add a new profile)
Select the pen symbol under the profile name (or go through the new profile set up if you selected the +)

Go to manage channels (or select Create List if you just created a profile)

Select each channel you want by pressing OK (you should get a heart symbol next to the channel) Once you have at least 3 channels, pressing the back button (the bottom left symbol under the OK circle on the remote) will save them.

You can view your favourites by pressing the profile button on the side of the remote and selecting your profile.

If you want your favourites to be there by default all the time then go to Settings > Profiles > Default Profile on Start Up and select your profile.
That way, when you use the box only your favourites will show in the channel list and guide.


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