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Compliments well deserved

Joining in

After numerous calls to Virgin call centre and getting more frustrated at the outcome to a simple problem about the order of the new TV360 remote which after speaking to an agent led to my package being totally changed and costing me £200 per month more, I finally today got to speak to Lauren (my god send), after going through the nightmare of all the other calls I made she spent time in resolving the issue and going back to my original contract status and charge. That is what Lauren did for me and I am so grateful for her help, Virgin take note and give praise to the ones that go that step further and get customer satisfaction.

Thank you Lauren for your understanding and help.

  The most frustrating aspect of the call centre is if you are not satisfied with the issues resolve, you should be able to speak to a supervisor for more help after all that is their job role isn't it????

Christine Sheldon



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Nice to read. Well done Lauren.