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Audio settings 360 box

On our wavelength

I have only just noticed the change to the audio options on the 360 box. The options have changed to PCMI and not Dolby. Anyone any ideas as to why?


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Follow content will output Dolby if the channel has it, basically it outputs whatever the channel being broadcast has, for example BT Sport Ultimate has Dolby Atmos on my soundbar.


On our wavelength

Dear Roy 247,

Thanks for your reply. I was just wondering why the convert to Dolby option had been replaced by a PCM 5.1 option.

Kind Regards        Spressy

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The options before were for over HDMI

Always convert (to Dolby 5.1)
Follow content
Disable (same as PCM 2.0)

So the key change is that you get PCM 5.1 instead Dolby 5.1. The other two are the same and Follow Content will output either Dolby 2.0, 5.1 or Atmos depending what's in the content.

I believe that PCM (either 2.0 or 5.1) can resolve audio sync issues with some setups.

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Whish it could switch more consistently, a few manual toggles when switching channels.
Unless it's my Philips Soundbar.