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360 remote batteries

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I have a 360 box and remote. I have changed the batteries and used duracell AAA. The remote seems to burn through them in about 2-3 weeks. Is there a certain battery that I should use instead or do you think there may be a problem with the actual remote?

Many thanks



Hello Tom,

Well it's been three weeks, and once again I have had to change the batteries in both remotes or they will stop working all together. I will acknowledge that I have two kids that use the remotes a fair bit when they are home, constanting searching for programmes or rewinding recordings, but as you say this battery life is excessive short. Also, the fact that both remotes exhibit the same behaviour would seem to indicate that this is a design issue rather than how they are being used. I'll admit that one of the remotes has gotten a bit battered physically (7 year olds can do that), but the other remote used upstairs is in mint condition and still runs out of battery in the same timescale.

Roy247 mentions a newer design of remote that has no backlight and take only 2 batteries, would it be possible to get one of these to compare with the existing remotes, and see if there is any major difference?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Moschops412 

I have two of the remotes that use 4 batteries and only need to change the batteries around once every 8 or 9 months.  They do actually work with only two batteries inserted instead of four.

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Right, so this time I managed to get about 1 month out of the remotes before they started demanding new batteries before they would continue working. However, we were away on holiday for one week and they obviously were not used during that time, so actually the maths still broadly adds up. Both started issuing warning messages on screen within about 24 hours of each other, so it seem to be rather unaffected by how much use the remotes have because the upstairs unit is used less than the downstairs one. Also, the kids have been home from school, so if anything they would have been used more than average.

At this point I can only conclude that this design of remote, or at least the batch that mine came from, have a bit of a flaw.


Thanks for coming back to us Moschops412, we could send out some new remote controls to make sure that there are no issues with your remote control. 

Would you like me to do that for you?

Kind Regards,


The batteries of my remote for my mini box are now requiring to be changed every 2 weeks. Up to May this year I had the same batteries in for a year with no problems but since then every 2 weeks I get the warning to change batteries. Since July I have kept a note of the times they've needed changing. Since 13th July I have had to change batteries 6 times.


I can't see this as a fault on the VM help desk.

I am using Duracell batteries and it's costing me a fortune buying new batteries.


What's the solution? New remote?


Hi @Spatuxedo 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the delay in responding. Have you since been able to acquire a new remote or do you still require our assistance. I shall send you a private message.

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