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So I've had the new system a week now and first impressions are  I like it tho on the remote control I would have preferred a dedicated info button ,the numbers should be in the middle instead of what's there and who puts the mute button way down at the bottom it should be in in the middle or half way from top , try pressing mute with one hand if you have a fork or something else in the other so it's a two hand remote .

The video box at the bottom right is strange as well and iv noticed iv had to reboot the box more after getting can't play UHD and the hub4 seems to reboot itself whenever it feels like ,nothing new there.

All in all a work in progress but promising 🙂

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Re: 360 REVIEW

 Hi kirk1690,

The video button in the bottom right allows you to change the source on your TV  to HDMI2/3 etc.

You can press the 3 dots (contextual buttons)  towards the bottom right of the directional pad to bring up info, or press the OK button twice, or say "information" when pressing the talk button



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