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Power of attorney

I have POA for a relative with Alzheimer's.  He has a landline. I need to change the number due to nuisance calls. He has no paperwork so I don't know his account number or what tariff he is on . He doesn't know if he ever set up a password. I think his bills must come by email, which he doesn't have access to any more. Even though we rang from his landline, we could not get anything done. Can anyone advise? I've read that writing to virgin doesn't work very well and takes ages. This is urgent due to their vulnerability. Can I email with a copy of the POA? 

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Re: Power of attorney

I know it seems like a logical thing to want to do but changing a number is likely to land you in the fire from the fireplace. All VM numbers currently in use are recycled. That means that all of them are liable to be spammed or scammed. And dealing with VM via a PoA is a simple nightmare which I wouldn't recommend at all. VM have very little idea how to cope with this situation. 

Think about it and come back if you want more information on how to progress this.

In the meantime read this:


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Re: Power of attorney

Hi Hbinkyk1,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.


Apologies for the personal situation, and also what's happening with the calls. I'm more than happy to help today.


I'll send a quick PM so I can get some further details,


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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