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Everything You Need To Know

AdapterBefore you move to our fibre landline service as part of this migration, we’ll let you know in writing around three months before the migration takes place in your area. Our letter will provide more details on why this is happening.Around 3 we...


Appointment made for wrong date

After having an appointment made that I knew nothing about, it has now been changed to a different day to the one I agreed with Akua .  I have messaged Akua back but had no response.  Please can someone help ?

Kmoon by Tuning in
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new phone hub

I have been told I need to order a new phone hub but there's no info on the website (as far as I can tell) and v lengthy waiting time on the phone.  Please could you advise?  Many thanks.

KM12 by Joining in
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Trying to change appointment

I received a text over the weekend that said an  engineer is visiting this Wednesday.  I did not make this appointment and it is not convenient. I'm guessing it is to do with the switchover but I don't know as the lady that called about it didn't ask...

Kmoon by Tuning in
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Additional Phones post change over.

I have received the adapter, but am wondering if my other phones will still operate as normal, bedroom's & kitchen ?.I thought phone No. 1, the connected base, simply operated the others via wireless signal, power being provided by a wall socket.Coul...

MrFonce by Joining in
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Phone does not ring after switchover

My phone is now connected to my broadband hub and I can make outgoing calls however, the phone does not ring when an incoming call is made.Have switched everything off and on again but the problem persists.Have a missed a configuration setting or cou...

Ian2018 by Tuning in
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Order of things to do on Switchover day?

Hello there,My switchover day is July 13th, and I've just received my VM Fibre Phone Adaptor.   What I'm not clear about is,  on the day of switchover, do I keep trying my landline until it goes 'dead' and then plug into the adaptor and into the hub?...

JanetteS by Dialled in
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Changeover date

Is there an easy way to check the date my phone is being switched over?   In my mind it's today, 7th July, but my emails are still missing and I never got a proper letter through the post about it.  I've plugged the adaptor into the router and the ph...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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