Virgin Phone Switchover
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Everything You Need To Know

AdapterBefore you move to our fibre landline service as part of this migration, we’ll let you know in writing around three months before the migration takes place in your area. Our letter will provide more details on why this is happening.Around 3 we...


Telephone switch over

Hello can someone help me please. I need an engineer to assist in phone switchover but despite considerable time looking can’t find out how to do it. Virgin sent me a text saying did I want help but so far no response. Bearing in mind this is happeni...

New Hub for Landline update

Is there any other options apart from the 150 route to ordering a new hub so the landline update can happen. It's incredibly difficult to sort anything out with them and you never get the time back spending hours on hold


HelloI'm being moved from Virgin telephone to VOIP.Virgin employee trying to book me in for the migration insisted I only needed a small dongle to be posted, I understood I wouldn't be allowed to modify the Virgin telephone master socket. Also on  th...

crypticc by Fibre optic
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Booking a technician

Hi, can someone please tell me how to book a technician without having to make a phone call?I've followed all the instructions for this phone switchover and my phones aren't working. This is very frustrating  Thanks

RD60 by Joining in
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Broadband problems after phone switch over

I had a service engineer visit and a new hub was installed.  The phone is working and I am connected to WiFi on my iPad but broadband via WiFi on my PC is so slow to be unusable. This is very upsetting as I need it for project work.  Reliable and fas...

MarilynV by Joining in
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Resolved! Need help to book technician appointment

I've seen a few posts about trying to contact virgin media to book an appointment. Have tried ringing them but there is no option to choose from on the recorded message about this. I'm going round in frustrated circles!!  Our changeover date is 26 Se...

Resolved! Book a technician for phone switchover

Our corded landline phone is in the kitchen and the router is in the hallway and we would prefer to keep it like that.   We also have a corded phone in an extension in the bedroom, so I believe we need a technician to sort this out.  Our date is 7th ...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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Switchover communication

I have a Super Hub 2, so presume I need a technician appointment to help with the landline switchover. I seem thwarted.  I was told I had been sent a text with a link to arrange it.  I haven't received one. What do I do next?

MarilynV by Joining in
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