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Everything You Need To Know

AdapterBefore you move to our fibre landline service as part of this migration, we’ll let you know in writing around three months before the migration takes place in your area. Our letter will provide more details on why this is happening.Around 3 we...


Just been switched over to 21cv and am not very happy

Hi,I had to have an engineer visit because my phone is in the hallway and an old superhub 2 is in the upstairs study.  I booked an engineer appointment and was assured that the engineer would be able to supply an extension cable so that the new route...

VM001 by Dialled in
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Resolved! Query re new fibre hub

I have just received an email telling me my landline will be disconnected shortly and I have to change to the fibre network.  This is the first I have heard about this so I called Customer Services who really couldn't answer any questions and told me...

Can I switch?

Having trouble with my landline - no dialling tone. The gentleman at 150 couldn't fix it. I have the adapter. I said, Can I plug the phone into the hub? Will it work. He said yes - but it doesn't. Help!

Requesting a switchover?

Hi!My landline isn't working well and I suspect would take some effort to fix properly (long story).  I haven't been contacted about the switchover yet, but is there any way I can request to be switched over, or do I just have to wait until my area i...

stewartdb by On our wavelength
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