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Everything You Need To Know

AdapterBefore you move to our fibre landline service as part of this migration, we’ll let you know in writing around three months before the migration takes place in your area. Our letter will provide more details on why this is happening.Around 3 we...


Changeover date

Is there an easy way to check the date my phone is being switched over?   In my mind it's today, 7th July, but my emails are still missing and I never got a proper letter through the post about it.  I've plugged the adaptor into the router and the ph...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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Long delay before phone connects.

Hello, ever since installing the digital phone adapter into our phone there has been a long delay before the phone connects to the inputted number on the phone. I originally thought that the adaptor was not working as I heard nothing after inputting ...

Wizard35 by Joining in
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Landline not working

Have checked service status which shows TV, Broadband and phone are all OK for my postcode, but my phone is not working, have I been switched over to fibre without having received a letter telling when my switch over date is?If not why is my phone no...

Lisette1 by Settling in
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Phone not working since switch

Today (5th July) is supposed to be my phone switch day. This morning, on finding that my old connection was not working, I installed the adapter, connected my phone via it to the router, and rebooted the router. Since then the phone still does not ha...

mphippen by Up to speed
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Resolved! Technician didn't do what he was booked to do

I booked a technician because my hub is in the upstairs office and I need the main phone to be downstairs. So I need a cable to connect them.I went away on business and my Wife was in when the technician called.  Now I have come back and found that a...

Switchover day

HiMy switchover day is today but I'm away from home, the communication says it must be done today or I will lose access..Is there any way I can change the date?

Keep landline number

I wanted to keep my old landline number when I switched over to a digital landline but find the number has changed.How can I port my existing landline number over?  

LadyLo by Joining in
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