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Run master phone socket cable externally to cable modem upstairs?

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Hi, I have my master phone socket downstairs in the hallway and my cable modem upstairs in my room and have booked an engineer to come out and run a cable from the master socket to my cable modem. (as the master phone has to remain in the hallway). However I cant run the new extension cable inside the property.

1, Would the engineer be able to run a cable from the back of the master phone socket to the cable modem externally on my property? (the FAQ seems to mention only about internal wiring).

2, Also, if the engineer attends and does this before my switchover date, will the phone continue to work as normal until the switchover date?



Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and a very warm welcome to you @rhsfuller.

In answer to your second point, as this is a quick answer -Yes, you would use the handset on the master socket until the switchover date, to which you'd then plug into the hub, via the provided RJ11 adaptor.

To refer to your first point, our team should still be able to run cabling on the exterior of your property if this is required.

I will however like to take this to a private message and ensure that this request is noted and/or forwarded on ahead of the visit to ensure we're prepared to assist you on the day.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.



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The engineer has now attended and ran the phone cable externally from the back of the master socket into my room and installed a phone socket which I have plugged a phone extension cable into (431A extension cable type) then into the vm adaptor and then into the cable modem (port 1), and all is working fine. Has migrated me a week early, Have made test calls and all ok.


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With phone lines being VOIP you don't need a master socket. That was 70s technology where there was a ring wire which went up to 50v . Phone lines are just single pair. You can remove the ring circuit board and disconnect the BT main  wire. Then just reconnect the A and B pair and any others that are daisy chained on. All phones should now work when you feed in the connection from the hub to the extension. I did this with mine.