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Requesting a switchover?

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My landline isn't working well and I suspect would take some effort to fix properly (long story).  I haven't been contacted about the switchover yet, but is there any way I can request to be switched over, or do I just have to wait until my area is converted?  Thanks!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @stewartdb,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that you have this issue with your landline, in majority of cases we would look at fixing the fault but we can also look at performing the switch over in advance for you if this is something you would like us to do. 

In order to do so I would need to confirm some information over private message which I will be sending to you shortly, If you haven't used our private message feature before you can access it via the envelope in the top right of your screen.

Speak to you soon. Joe

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @stewartdb,

Glad we were able to have that chat in private message.

Do let us know how the switchover goes and if you have any issues or further questions reach back out and we will be happy to help.

Cheers. Joe

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @stewartdb,

Glad to have that private chat with you and get your issue resolved.

If you ever have any toruble with your landline again be sure to check our service page here for any updates.

Thanks. Joe

Joining in

I have the same problem. The gentleman at 150 said I could just plug the phone into the hub and it would work. But it doesn't; so we still have no phone. Help!

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey John_Whiteley, thanks for posting our our help forums and this thread.

A warm welcome to the VM community too, since this is your first post here. 🙂

Sorry to hear that our advice over a call recently regarding the switchover has left you confused, we'd love to best assist with this.

Can you please confirm if you've already received our adaptor to use when the migration of the lines in your area has completed?

This is to be used on the switch date (depends on the area you're at) so you can connect your phone (handset) on the telephone port at the back of your hub. 
The line should then work as normal from there.

Have you received our communication in advance of this change where we confirm the date the switchover will take place or do you need help with that?

Please, also visit our page here for all the info and FAQs about our Home Phone Switchover and the upgrade to 21CV (line via fibre).

Let us know more on the above and we're eager to assist with this.

Forum Team

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