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Possible options - Can I just Cancel the Land Line and retain all other VM Services?

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Out of the blue we have just received a txt message from VM from number stating:

Hi, it's Virgin Media. On 18th August 2023, your home phone service will be switched to our fibre network. We'll send you an adapter(s) as you need to connect your home phone to the Virgin Media Hub so you can continue using it. Reply with ACCEPT to be switched over or with CALLBACK if you need help.

Our phone is no where near the VM hub, and whilst I beleive there may be the option to request a technician to visit, to lay a connecting cable, I am not prepared to have a unsightly cable ran though our house to connect the 2.

Will it be possible to therefore just cancel the Land Line part of the service and retain the remaining VM services and reduce our VM bill slightly?

The irony is that I have a RJ45 network cable next to my phone, would a VOIP phone just simply plugged in to the network work still? or it is all triggered via the 2 specific VOIP ports on the back on the VM modem?

Look forward to hearing from you.











Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Diddyman 👋

Thanks for your post regarding your concerns about the new fibre telephone landline system. The switchover will happen for everyone and you are not obligated to use the system if you do not have a landline setup as part of your service. Unfortunately relocation of the Hub is a requirement, we would not have unsightly cables running through you property. You are able to to remove the option from your package, that is not a problem. If you are under contract still it would be classified as a disconnection and may affect any existing discounts that you have present. 

What we would advise is check your contract and should you have any discounts present and currently still under contract, contact our team just to ensure that any changes will not affect your discounts. You can contact them via phone or we can chat to you via a private message and check for you. I will send the message to your inbox.