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Tuning in

Advice plz, I contacted VM yesterday to explain my router is some 15 feet from phone base under stairs with excellent WiFi, I explained I don't wish to move router as it has ethernet connections off it running under flood noe do I wish to move phone base to under stair, opinion given was that engineer wood run cables around skirting to base to router, no thank you I replied,  result, sorry you can't use phone after date nor take off package as this increases price.  Question, have the choice to terminate contact without penalty due to charge of service ?


Thank you for your advice and I have taken it on board but I'm afraid you are unaware of my financial  situation at the moment, can I afford to pay our for another base?  To receive a few spam calls a year and get a sl8ght discount on my overall bill, again thank you for your advice but no thank you

Hi @Baggieboy1 

If you can reply to my PM with the details, we can get this engineer visit sorted 🙂

Forum Team

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Thank you for joining us on private message @Baggieboy1 

Glad we've been able to get this all organised for you with an engineer appointment. 


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