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Everything You Need To Know


Before you move to our fibre landline service as part of this migration, we’ll let you know in writing around three months before the migration takes place in your area. Our letter will provide more details on why this is happening.

Around 3 weeks before the migration, you'll receive an email and a text with further info on how to order your adapter. Once you have the adapter, you can use it to plug your phone into your hub.

Router Plugin Port
Once the landline cable has been attached to the adapter, you’ll need to plug this into the first grey on your hub (also known as RJ11).

Please don’t plug the adapter into the yellow ports, these are only for ethernet (RJ45) connections. You must ensure that you plug your landline with the adapter into port 1, which will be the top one.


Handset compatibility
Any corded or cordless landline handset should work with our adapter, with the small exception of a few much older models. If your handset wasn’t working previously via a wall socket and doesn't work when connected to your hub with the adapter, this is an issue with the handset and we would advise trying a different model in the first instance.

If you have multiple portable DECT handsets in the home then you will only need to connect the master handset into your hub with the adapter, meaning it needs to be located near the hub.

If you have multiple handsets that aren’t portable and connect to extension sockets in your home then you may need a technician visit to make some in-home wiring changes.

Broadband service
Your landline & broadband services run on separate channels, so having both running through your hub won’t impact the quality of your broadband service.


Tuning in

Please note that the adaptor supplied has no ring capacitor. If you find your phone works but doesn't ring when it's plugged into the hub, you'll need to obtain an RJ11 to BT socket adaptor with a ring capacitor.

One example is

another is

Tuning in

I have not received any notification from VM about the switchover. An engineer visited last week due to a problem with landline. He said that in a few weeks my phone will be switched over. As such, as I have 3 corded phones in the house, I will need to purchase a new cordless system with 3 handsets.

Please...can someone advise me which phones to consider that will be compatible with the Virgin Media hub 3 that I have..

Thank you.

All tone dialling phones should be compatible. Some phones might not ring with the adaptor that's sent out automatically by VM but should be able to make outgoing calls.

If you have extension wiring with fixed wall sockets you will need to get in touch with VM to book an engineer visit to connect your existing wiring to the hub.

Tuning in

The engineer came to check on a hum on the phone. Problem isn't the phone/s but a crack in the cable outside to the phone. This can't be repaired/replaced now with VM moving over to phones over the internet. My current phones are all corded . Main in hall and another downstairs and another in bedroom. He said with switch over the phone had to be plugged into the hub. This is in a small bedroom. He said the other extension phones would not work then.Hence the need for me to buy a new base unit with 2 extra handsets. He would then move the hub to the hall and connect the new base unit.

Tuning in

My old analogue landline has not worked for a very long time, virgin's engineers have tried fixing the broken cable twice but the repairs have only worked for one week at a time, I would need a complete new cable from the street into my house which is a lot of work for something that will only be temporary due to the digital switchover, also the engineers did a very untidy job of this originally, but there is absolutely no information regarding the digital switchover schedule, I have searched and searched everywhere, I received the adapter well over a year ago and I was wondering if there was any way of finding out when you will be switching over certain areas as I will need a landline as I will be working from home in the next couple of months


Hi Mr-Dee 👋 welcome back to the community! Thank you for posting. 

Sorry to hear these concerns regarding your landline service. I can appreciate this must be frustrating if it has been ongoing for a while. As you have already received the adapter in the post, it may be that your switchover has already gone ahead. Have you tried connecting the phone using the adapter via your hub? (If not, can you please do so and let us know if it is working?)
You can find lots of information regarding the landline switchover here 👉 Landline Switchover | Virgin Media Help but please let us know if you have any specific questions that this does not cover and we will do our best to help!  

I will also send you a PM to confirm a few account details so we can offer further support with your landline service if needed. You can find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 📩 We can then return to this public thread with another update when possible. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!

Wishing you all the best. 🌞



Hiya, yeah I have tried it but it does not work, when I received the adapter it said that I would receive another letter sometime in the future indicating when the switchover will happen and what to do but I have never received the letter so I presume that it has not happened yet


Tuning in

I have installed the new Hub 3.0 router. The wifi works to our mobile phones and Fire Sticks, and the ethernet connection to our desktop PC works. However the landline is dead. I have tried with our Panasonic DECT and a Geemarc handset but neither gives a dial tone, or rings when called. The phones have been connected using the VM supplied patch lead and I have tried both phone sockets on the router.

The 150 help line was distinctly unhelpful, and could offer no reason for the failure or any escalation path for a fix. 

Can you offer any assistance please?


Joining in

Yes I have set up the phone and adaptor as per the instructions, rebooted the hub, and called from and rang and all these work ok,  I just have no dialling tone .

Hi dookee


Thank you for checking.


Are you using an extension socket?


Please pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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