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i message

iphone 8  when using  i message i have found recently that all my messages dont show the name of sender only their number  it only has been like this for the last week before it was fine  i have tried all the things reconmended online to reset it but to no avail i have managed to get it back once yesterday only for it to go back to just the number 

could this be a sim card fault or network problem as my ipad works fine on imessage still

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Re: i message

Could you try going in to contacts and looking at a few of your contacts phone numbers.. Look for any stored numbers that don't start +44, eg a landline number. See if they have strange spacing like below:

Expected spacing: 01234 567890
Actual spacing: 01 234 56 78 90

There's an ongoing issue with iPhones and Virgin SIM cards where the phone switches region to Belgium randomly. It causes a number of problems including the one you describe. If you have the issue there's a workaround/fix posted here (message 98):