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contract buy out charge


I don’t know if this would be any help to me, but the customer service over the phone has been absolutely shocking! 

I keep getting a letter saying I own money for a final bill for a “contract buy out charge”. The contract was cancelled well within 14 days, when cancelling I asked for a confirmation to be sent, nothing was sent out via post or email. 
So the lack of understanding is atrocious! And every time I ring to speak to someone over the phone, I keep getting told that the password is the only way to access the account! I’ve spent over an hour trying to get through to someone and when I did, it was a record on repeat “sorry without a password I cannot help”! For “Annie” if that’s her real name to hang up on me! 

If I don’t have the password, how can you not have a system that allows you to get in by asking another question?

I’ve tried so many times to call and resolve the issue, but the customer service has become the worst I have ever come across.

How do I go about resolving this issue of a bill I don’t know anything about!  

Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated. 



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Re: contract buy out charge

Hi ricks21,


Thanks for your post and for reaching out to the Community Forums. Sorry to hear that you have received a bill after cancelling within the 14 days. I'll send you a PM shortly to get your account details.



Corey C

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