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billed for internet usage

I have a new Iphone and am using up my PAYG allowance before getting new finance. I've looked at my "recent usage" and to my horror, I see that I've been billed for certain items of internet usage which are impossible. At the times specified (7.03 today for £2, 00.00 and 7.28 on two other days for £2 each), I was in bed fast asleep. On other days (again, £2 each), the times were unlikely and anyway, I'd use my Ipad, not Iphone, for internet browsing at those times. My internet is NOT with Virgin. Who do I complain to about this incorrect billing?

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Re: billed for internet usage

The times will be when Virgin recorded the data, not when it was used.

This is a common complaint with iPhones which seem to use small amounts of mobile data even when on WiFi. On most networks it would not matter but on Virgin PAYG with their £2 charge it addes up.

Not conversant with iPhones but I know you can check data usage for each app which may give a clue.


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