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Why is a different mobile number displayed as the caller to my contact?

Tuning in

Recent moved to VM and brought over my old number. Called one of my Contacts today and the call showed as coming from a different number to mine on their phone.

How can I correct this?


I don't have Chat installed.....

Trouble shooter

The settings are within the normal text message app.

In the app you use to send/receive text messages, press the three dots at the top right, choose Settings, Chat Features, and turn off "Enable Chat Features" then turn it back on (it may take a few minutes to update)

I've only got the dots when in a Messages conversation, and there is no Settings option. Everything available relates to the conversation.

Trouble shooter

That's odd. Are you using the official Google Messages app? It should look like this:

Sorry again, I've found out the 3 dots were out of view at the top. I've done what you said and when enabled it's displayed the same number (not mine) that it did earlier today. My daughter called it and it plays a message saying calls aren't being connected.

Trouble shooter

That normally fixes the wrong number problem on Android phones, sorry it didn't work for you. Hopefully VM can help.

Thanks for your input. I've just checked my wife's phone (Pixel 2) and she also has a different number there. She joined VM at the same time as me.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

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I had the same problem, this solution worked perfectly for me, thank you!