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Who manages the Ultimate Oomph SIM card? Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile?

I have recently switched to the Ultimate Oomph package from Virgin Media. It come with an unlimited data SIM card. As far I know this SIM can only be acquired from Virgin Media and not Virgin Mobile.

Now when I go to my Virgin Media account page, I can manage many aspects, such as phone, Broadband settings, but I cannot manage the SIM card, instead it provides a link to Virgin Mobile.
When I try to log in to Virgin Mobile with my Virgin Media account, it fails. If I try a password / email recovery, it appears that my account does not exist. Ok, so I assume these accounts are totally separate.

So now I try to create a Virgin Mobile account, I enter my phone number, but it also asks a security question (Where are they pulling it from? I have never created an account, so how can they ask me a security question?) If I try to enter my Virgin Media security answer, it says that it's incorrect. Ok, so does that mean that I have Virgin Mobile account after all then? What's going on?

I tried to call Virgin Mobile for support, but they told me that Ultimate Oomph SIM belongs to Virgin Media and not them, so that was it.

I find it ridiculous that Media and Mobile are separate to begin with, everything should just use a single account and everything should be manageable from a single dashboard. So now I have this SIM card that's stuck in some sort of limbo between these two departments and I can't seem to find a way to manage it from either of them.

What should I do now?

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Re: Who manages the Ultimate Oomph SIM card? Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile?

Well they are definitely under Media as 789 on the Mobile know little about them.

Have you a Virgin landline with your package. If so the dedicated Oomph team can be contacted on 150

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Re: Who manages the Ultimate Oomph SIM card? Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile?

Oomph whole package managed under Virgin Media, the team for Oomph packages we're called FMC - not sure if they still are.

For setting up mobile online account, the Security question/answer is different to the Broadband one - but can be set as the same. They should be setting this up at time of ordering, but don't 😠

Ringing 150 (broadband side) and speaking with the Oomph team will get this sorted for you.

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