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Trash 4g

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right, I pay £12 a month for my data( increasing to £13 soon) but based on that I get absolutely shocking internet connection, matter of fact it doesn’t even work half the time, I wonder why the bell I pay money to this company when I don’t get what I paid for, then they make up some stupid excuse “oh we are changing over to o2” so why tf does that affect my internet, better yet why don’t you give a solution to that problem, like making my sim cheaper since it doesn’t even work half the time or how about this, make better company choices and stop giving us these bs excuses for your trash company, not to mention the diabolical customer services I get all the time, your company is a joke always has been always will be, sort this **bleep** out cause I know for a fact I’m not the only one when I say, I shouldn’t be paying these idiots money for a product that doesn’t work half as well, let alone at full capacity, what a joke!!


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Just cancel & and all the issues will be solved

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Just cancel & and all the issues will be solved

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @20KD 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of any issues with the data. Has your SIM been migrated do you know? If so, pop your details here 👉 and you'll be able to check the coverage in your area.

If not, or there are no service issues showing, have you tried your SIM in another handset to see if the issue still happens? 

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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I have 4 Iphone 12 or newer mobiles on Virgin (myself, wife, 2 kids). Service is absolutely awful on all 4 phones and has been for a while. Even if we have a full 4G signal with 4 bars, they still speed test at between 1.5mb and 2mb on ALL 4 Phones.  Will this improve soon once the O2 migration is complete or is this just normal now. If the latter, I need to move all 4 phones to a different network as its unworkable at the moment. 

Hello ukballd.

Welcome to our community.

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with the reception on your handsets.

You will be able to view if there are any issues, we are aware of here: . This will give you information on any faults as well as an estimated fix time.

Regarding the migration, In February 2023, we started  contacting Virgin Mobile customers who'll be the first to move over to O2 mobile plans, and the switch will happen in March 2023. 

We'll continue to move customers over to O2 mobile plans throughout the year, and by the end of 2023 all existing and newly joined Virgin Mobile customers will have been moved to O2 plans.