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Switching to 02 billing nightmare

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What a wonderful experience this is..... yeah right

There was this switch that was announced, ok fine, they are moving to O2. The bill remain the same.. ok excellent.. now that the switch has happened, o2 are now chasing me to pay them separately!!

When was it ever communicated that I need to set up a new direct debit with o2? Who was called or emailed about this?

I would assume that the billing would remain the same, because they are merging into the same company, the bill will be the same, it will come off as usual so the only thing that changes is that the service is now provided by O2. 

So i spoke to o2 today who were chasing me down to pay the bill, i asked them why they are chasing me? I already pay the bill to virgin which they are now part off.. so stop bothering me.. only to find out that I have to pay them separately now. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!!!!!!!!!!

They now say that because I did not pay the bill, it may impact my credit score! WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

If my credit score is impacted? Who is responsibile for this? When speaking to either virgin or o2, they are blaming each other and saying its nothing to do with them. 

02 say that Virgin should have done their job and informed you that there will be a new billing agreement. 

Virgin are saying, I need to speak to o2 because they are dealing with all billing inquiries from now on!


What a crock of SHI*




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Before any VM bodies come here and start apologising for the confusion and inconvenience, do your research as to why my current billing information was not passed on to 02 and why are they telling me that my credit score will be impacted?

These people are just here to reply to emails and not really do anything of substance, if that is the case, dont bother answering. I will take my complaint to trading standards agency! 



On our wavelength

Anyone failing to get a reply or response from these people managing the forum on behalf of virgin media, just save your time and sanity and raise a complaint here to get someone to actually look at your complaint.

I would also recommend making an entry in the trading standards register for this issue. If this royal mess done by VM and o2 impacts your credit score in any way, this stays on there for 6 years!!!! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi alitech,

thanks for posting, and sorry for the experience you've had.

With the migration to O2, this would mean that your handset loan would still be payable through  us, but your tariff would now be with O2 directly. 

This should have been detailed in the communications you received. So I can get a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message.



Sounds like you have the same problem I have. VM are currently acting appallingly. In my thread I got asked to send a PM and now it’s a backwards and forwards about how I need to speak to O2.

So I need to speak to O2 because you failed to transfer my direct debit, took the full amount of money for the month O2 say I haven’t paid, caused me to incur a late payment fee with O2, all after telling me I didn’t need to do anything and the direct debit would be sorted out between you? Beggars belief.

Where is the trading standards register for this issue?

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Hi Scage, just call them and register your complaint. 


Tuning in

Hi did you get this sorted! They have ruined my credit score plus mine and my family’s future plans! Really can’t believe this has happened to me. I knew nothing about the merger!  All this because they insisted I had a SIM card with my bundle! Which went in the bin as soon as it arrived