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Switch to O2 failed

Joining in

Automatic move from Virgin Mobile to O2 plan was supposed to happen today. I kept my phone charged and turned on, as instructed, but still got an sms saying:

"Sorry, we couldn't switch you over to an O2 plan. We'll try again next month and remind you a few days before. There's nothing you need to do for now, but on the day of the switch next month, please make sure your phone's turned on and fully charged. Thanks."

Can I get an explanation on why I now have to wait a month (to try again, I don't see why it would work then if it didn't now)? Can it not just be switched tomorrow? Or later today?




We have had the same annoying letter.  We have 4 phones with virgin and that letter has really annoyed me.  Virgin want to move me to o2 so why I am being penalised of they can't do their job? 

Hi @Mambo69, thanks for reaching out to us on the Virgin Media forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the failed switchover to O2.
Have you spoken with O2 to try and get this resolved?

Reach out to the team on: 0344 809 0202 and they will be able to assist.
Let us know how it goes with the team.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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My contract is with virgin mobile  why would I need to ring 02 to sort this out? 

As we have merged with O2 we no longer have the Virgin Media mobile. As it is switching over to them, you will need to get in contact with them.

Let us know how it goes Mambo69. 

Ari - Forum Team

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Alessandro Volta

I did mine manually, got my PAC number by texting PAC to 65075, booked the move for the next working day with O2 and just waited for my O2 number to get replaced by my Virgin Mobile number. It all went through without a problem.

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I want to keep the numbers and have the enhanced data

This exact same thing has happened to me. Did you get anywhere with Virgin or O2?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @illingworthcd,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forums 🎉
I am so sorry to hear you had these issues also with your switch to O2, are you still having issues with this?

Hi Zoie and thanks for reaching out to me on the forum. In a word, yes, I am still having issues. I have two mobiles with Virgin. One transferred over fine last week, the other hasn’t even though it was due to transfer at the end of August. Your colleagues told me the automatic transfer kept failing and it would have to be done manually.

I currently have a 1 month contract with 15GB and unlimited calls and texts for £7. The letter I got from Virgin a while back told me I’d get the same terms but my data would be increased to 50GB.

I rang up earlier and the lady I spoke to told me that she could do the manual transfer (great) but that I would have to accept a new deal. She said that I could have 15GB and unlimited calls and texts for £7 but that I would have to move to a 12 month contract. So I lose the 1 month contract flexibility and the increased data.

I’m not particularly pleased with this and, although I’m no lawyer, I don’t think you can legally offer me a worse contract that I’m currently on and I think you are liable to honour the terms set out in the letter.

However, I can’t talk to anyone about this and have no idea where to go next.

Can you help or put me in touch with someone who can?

Many thanks

@Zoie_P I should also add that the terms of the transfer said we’d get at least double the data we had before