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Setting up email on my Samsung

Joining in

I used to have my ntlworld email on my Samsung phone, had to disable it, and now can't reset it back up. The message is "username or password is incorrect or pop3/imap access isn't turnd on for this account"
I have also loaded the virgin media app on my phone, all that shows is my phone useage, I can't see where to access my email.

All help greatly received, getting a bit fed up now. 😞 


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Hi Tiggy45,


Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you're having some issues accessing your emails on your phone. 


Cardiffman281 has offered some helpful advice, let us know if this is useful.



Thanks for the info, but I still can't access email on my phone through the email app

Sorry to hear this did not work, Tiggy45.

Are you able to access your emails on other devices and it's just your phone you are having the issues with?

Did you have active media services and it was linked with the email?