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I am absolutely outraged with the lack of customer service at virgin media. I’m seriously regretting my decision to join them. I ‘tried’ opening a phone contract with them and I was told on the phone everything was all done and id given all my details etc the lady on the phone was very polite and ensured all I had to do was wait for an email to sign an online contract and that if I signed it by 6pm that day I would have my order with me the next day. It got to 5pm and I hadn’t gotten any email. I called up and the man I spoke to was rude and couldn’t tell me anything except I had to wait for a call from the ‘back office’ with in 24/48 hours. I had already cancelled my contract with another provider and after being ensured I’d get my phone the next day I was relieved I wouldn’t be without a phone. I got a phone call from I’m guessing the ‘back office’ but they weren’t even polite enough to let me speak to say hello before they hung up. I’ve tried calling but nothing. I’m very disappointed and considering just cancelling because I haven’t even joined virgin yet and it’s already been so much hassle! 

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Re: Regret.

These are all signs of things to come.

I had a similar experience in April, and couldn't get through to anyone without them immediately hanging up.  I'm only just now having a breakthrough with an adjudicator forcing Virgin to cancel everything, however they are dragging their heels.

The only thing I suggest is you keep calling, all day every day, and cancel within the first 14 day cooling off period (IF you can ever get through).

Virgin is an absolute joke of a company. Please, please just leave them as soon as you can.  They are a total nightmare, and nothing works.

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