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OTP verification SMS cannot be received

Joining in


I changed to VM one month ago and having problems receiving OTP SMS messages. Have tried to contact the helpline and also via WhatsApp, but still waiting for a solution. Never had any issues with receiving OTP messages with the previous mobile service providers and only have this problem since changing to VM!

Read some messages in the VM community forum, this problem seems to have been ongoing for a relatively long time and many customers complained, but VM still has not solved the problem!

Can anyone who experienced the same issue advise on whether this problem has been fixed?




Forum Team
Forum Team


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue you've had in receiving those messages. 

Can you please confirm the companies you have tried to receive these from?



I had this problem with HRMC online log-in, I never had any issues receiving OTP messages from HRMC before when I was with a different mobile network service provider. I have two HRMC online accounts, one for the company and one for personal, both linked with the same mobile number. As I really need to log in to the HRMC company account in order to make a payment, so changed the mobile number to a different one, then the OTP message came in straight away! 

I spent a lot of time explaining the problems to your customer services colleague on Whatsapp,  and tried different methods (including turning off my phone to obtain the 12-digit number on the SIM card as requested) to solve the issue, your customer services team could not solve the problem and finally advised me to call 789 number from my phone and ask to put me through to Faults Team with a given reference number. So after a long day at work, I called VM helpline, the customer service person on the phone refused to put me through to the Faults Team and advised me she had to follow the procedures, again went through the whole security, trouble shooting etc on the phone, after one hour on the phone. I was told she would put me through to the Faults Team, but then the Faults Team has finished working for the day! So I had to wait for the next day! 


Thanks for coming back to us @MYY, and I'm sorry to hear of the frustration this has caused for you. 

We sadly cannot guarantee that OTP messages will be received as we're a virtual mobile network operator.

Can you please confirm if the alternative phone number you used was also on Virgin Media?

Have you reported this to HMRC at all?

Kindest regards,


Hi David,

The alternative number I used for HRMC is not with VM. After changing to the alternative number, I received an OTP msg straight away and logged in to our company HRMC account. For my personal HRMC account, I didn't change the number and still is my Virgin mobile number, just tried to log in, but again could not receive an OTP message.

I obviously contacted HRMC regarding this issue and they found no issues from their side. The fact that once I changed the number, I received the OTP msg from HRMC straight away, clearly shows that something is wrong with the VM!

I just hope your Faults Team will contact me as promised tomorrow and help to solve the problem.



Hi MYY, thank you for getting back in touch with us. 
I just want to ensure that this thread is absolutely clear so we can get you the support you need - 

is the issue with receiving verification text messages from HMRC or HRMC?

If HRMC please if you could post a link to this site so we can further investigate?

As you are currently awaiting a call from the team with further support it would be best for us to await the outcome of this call ahead of offering further support - particularly if your case is with the second line technical team (FMS). 

Please let us know how things are following the support call and we will do our best to offer further help. 
Wishing you all the best! ||MT


Hi Molly,

Apologize for my typo, yes it is HMRC, not HRMC.

I am still waiting for your Faults Team to call me. This morning, around 4:15 am, I received many OTP messages from HMRC (ie. from number 60551) although I didn't try to log in. Guess it was the times I tried to login yesterday, the OTP msgs just came in early this morning all in one go. Maybe your technical team did something? 

I tested a few times again this morning, but still cannot receive OTP msgs from HMRC, also cannot receive OTP from Chase (Bank). 


Sincerest apologies if that you are still awaiting a call back from mobile fault management!

They will be the best team to offer further support with this issue and investigate. 

If at all possible to wait 24-48 hours and let us know if you are still awaiting a call from the team so we can then try to chase this with them. 

Thank you ever so much for your patience in the meantime! 

All the best


Hi, I have spoken to virgin mobile and was advised to check if my number was showing correctly in settings. It was blank, once I entered my number there and reset network settings the problem was resolved 

Thanks for the update on your issue SE69,

I'm glad that's resolved for you.

Do let us know of any future queries.

Take care,