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Moving to O2 network questions

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Hi all

i have been with VMobile for a few months now and apart from a few niggles it’s been fine.

I see that we will this year move O2 fully.

As it not a new SIM card will this be basically Virgin Mobile diverting via Belgium on the O2 network as it is currently or will it be exactly the same as an O2 customer? 

I only ask as I had the iPhone issue with contacts showing wrongly as the Roaming > Sim applications > set Region > National fix worked for me. This was an issue as VM divert the network via Belgium and at times it would change the format of the contacts from UK to Europe Belgium. Then all numbers and messages would appear from random people.


Moving to O2 would fully fix this issue if the Belgium re-route is turned off.

any answer on this? 

if you were to order a new sim after the migration would you get a Vm sim or a new O2 one? 

cheers all


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Yes thanks, I know.  I was explaining that to someone else who seemed to think they'd get a better signal because they thought Virgin was an MVNO and therefore got lower 'priority' from o2.

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My impression is that when virgin moved over to the o2 network, you stopped being an MVNO customer and effectively became a full on o2 customer in all but name.  All they needed to change was the name of the company you were paying, as the Virgin Mobile brand is being phased out. So for all intents and purposes, we've been o2 customers since they swapped across from Vodafone.

ZXT - thanks for this.

Extra data is of little use at my current home location due to signal issues so am pleased to see that the opportunity to cancel is being offered.

virgin/EE was great, O2 and Vodafone not so unfortunately.

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I'm not too thrilled to be back with o2 either if I'm honest.  I left them several years ago because I had some of the absolute worst customer service I've ever had from any company, ever. Absolute disgrace. I was with Three for several years but since they dropped their free roaming, I moved to Virgin.  So far, the way o2 have dealt with the move across has been very poor.  Their customer service team on Twitter is slow and useless, as is their complaints team (nothing seems to have changed since the last time I was with them!)  I think I'll be looking round for something else pretty soon.  It seems that the mobile world has taken a real nose dive since Brexit.  prices have gone up, roaming has gone on most networks and customer service seems very poor.  I hear Vodafone and Three are discussing merging, so that will reduce competition even further. 

I have noticed tonight sitting in my local Westherspoons pub with no to little network signal that twice my contacts have changed to Belgium 🇧🇪 format! I notice that my text messages show the numbers instead of my contacts.


I have rebooted twice and it returns to normal. 

but god almighty this is annoying.

my migration need to happen soon with new Sim Cards! 


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I think that's a well known fault with iPhones. There are some threads on here about how to fix it.

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Very Insightful Person

@ZXT wrote:

I think that's a well known fault with iPhones. There are some threads on here about how to fix it.

Unfortunately, the best way of fixing it was to use the SIM Toolkit and set roaming to National rather than Automatic. Guess what? SIM Toolkit has been removed prior to moving people to O2!

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Hi All

There is no fox other than to add +44 to all your contacts so that even in a virtual Belgium your numbers are recognised.


Just need to move with new O2 SIM card to full O2.

What I would like to know is will it be a Full O2 new Sim and be just like being a New O2 customer. OR will it still be Virgin Mobile via Belgium with the logo changed to O2? 

if it is then I am leaving. 

cheers all for replies. 

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There's a thread here with some suggestions on changing settings


I don't have an iphone myself, so haven't had that problem.