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Moving to O2 network questions

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Hi all

i have been with VMobile for a few months now and apart from a few niggles it’s been fine.

I see that we will this year move O2 fully.

As it not a new SIM card will this be basically Virgin Mobile diverting via Belgium on the O2 network as it is currently or will it be exactly the same as an O2 customer? 

I only ask as I had the iPhone issue with contacts showing wrongly as the Roaming > Sim applications > set Region > National fix worked for me. This was an issue as VM divert the network via Belgium and at times it would change the format of the contacts from UK to Europe Belgium. Then all numbers and messages would appear from random people.


Moving to O2 would fully fix this issue if the Belgium re-route is turned off.

any answer on this? 

if you were to order a new sim after the migration would you get a Vm sim or a new O2 one? 

cheers all


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Depends on the way you move to o2. A lot of people on these threads are talking about getting an o2 via the volt deal, in which case it is a new contract. I'm one of the ones who is moving across as part of the general migration from virgin to o2, in which case there is no new contracts there's a Q&A about it all on both virgin and o2's website 

Thanks for the reply.

I’m currently on a Virgin sim only contract. Do you remember if you were offered the chance to terminate your current Virgin contract when you were migrated to O2.

Unfortunately I don’t receive a very good signal on Vodafone or O2, so was hoping to change providers.

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I had only ever been with Orange (28+ years ago) then they sold to EE and service was worse and they sold our details and I got spammed constantly via TXT and calls so much I removed the Sim card for at least1 year and never used my old flip phone.

I then jumped to VM (carried over same number from day one) many years back and they have used various providers and it was/is EE now and I ideally do not want to be on O2 network as it is an oversaturated mess for many in many areas.

When I called up to leave EE they offered me money for my phone number, I declined, and the 3rd offer was north of £4000 but I still declined and told them to NO for the poor service and spam as no doubt they ahd a buyer for my number (it is a good number and easy to remember/say due to it mostly repeats).

I got the email this week, so I am getting my current DATA (200GB+Roll Over so I start with 400GB each month) more than doubled to unlimited but that matters little to me.

There is a lot of hatred for mobile networks on this post. To be honest I have worked for one many years back in IT support. They all have issues and some customer service can be shocking.

In the end of the day I simply want a good service at a reasonable price. My current deal at VM is mind blowing cheap. But it’s service is ok.

I am hoping that moving directly onto a big main network rather than a virtual network will help prioritise my signal and calls. 

I also have a ‘Gold’ number since the early days of mobiles when you got choose your number. If they offer me £4000 it would have been sold. But it’s each to there own as that might be your business number also.

Lets just see what the next 1-3 months bring. Clearly asking to be hurried up doesn’t help. Even if you have issues.


cheers for all the replies so far. 😎🙂👍🏻

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The Q&A is here:


it says:


Can I stay on my existing Virgin Mobile plan?

You won't be able to stay with Virgin Mobile. But the good news is the O2 plan you're moving to will cost the same or less than your current Virgin Mobile plan, you’ll get either double the data or unlimited data for the same price and you're already using the O2 network with Virgin Mobile. If you really don’t think this is for you, you have the right to cancel without any early cancellation fees. If you have a handset loan with us, it won't be moved to O2 and will continue to be provided by Virgin Media Mobile Finance Ltd, which means your right to cancel won't extend to your handset loan.

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Are you registered with the telephone preference service? It stops firms sending you marketing texts.

You can register on their website here:

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Having moved across from virgin to o2 as part of the migration, I can't say that I've noticed any difference in the signal I get.  I've done speed tests on the speed test apps and the data speed is the same. 


Its not the signal, it’s the Priority of being a O2 customer compared to VM, Tesco, Sky who also use O2.

I am hoping for a better connectivity and bandwidth with O2 direct when in a city centre, football stadium with 20k fans, when in a crowded space and it just freezes in Virgin Mobile. 

Tesco was no better. I went to a NFL game at Wembley with 80k fans and I couldn’t make a phone call to my mate who was lost 200 yards away from me. Yet he could call everyone he wanted from his Vodafone Direct Sim. To me this is a priority Sim and network.

When you pay sub £13 for some mobile contracts on VM yet O2 direct can be £20+ then you realise that they will always be prioritised compared to you.

The above is what I am hoping for and the end to this crazy Belgium contacts formatting that I mention 25 posts ago.😂

As I say, let’s see 👍🏻😎

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@ZXT wrote:

Having moved across from virgin to o2 as part of the migration, I can't say that I've noticed any difference in the signal I get.  I've done speed tests on the speed test apps and the data speed is the same. 


The move won't make any difference to the signal strength as Virgin Mobile were using the O2 network to connect you before your contract was switched to O2.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media, I'm a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. Please read the FAQs
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The end result is effectively the same thing. If you're not prioritised, you get worse data speeds, if you can get a signal at all. I can categorically say that, whatever you want to call it, my service, priority, connectivity, bandwith or data speed from o2 has been no different from that of Virgin.